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Want to have the ultimate travel experience in Curaçao? The best way to find your way around the beautiful island of Curaçao is to rent a car. Curaçao offers good quality roads by which you can explore every city and region on the island and to rent a car is the best option for safe travel, with all the freedom you want. Visit the beaches, Willemstad or Christoffelberg and enjoy the view from the highest point of the island or spend a relaxing day at the bay of Jan Thiel. With a rental car, you can visit even the most remote places on the island without any effort, any time of the day. That is what real freedom feels like.

How to rent a car in Curaçao

It is possible to rent a car on Curaçao from the moment of arrival or to book a car in advance. We offer both services at Just Drive Curaçao. Depending on the size of your traveling company and personal preferences, we rent almost any car of your choice. Whether that is a small family car or a luxury SUV, you can drive around the island like you live here yourself. If you are going to rent a car on Curaçao, you can book your rental car easily by clicking the button below.

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At Just Drive Curaçao you are not only equipped with a car. Upon request, we provide a baby seat and GPS system. Furthermore, in case of a broken down car, we offer a free replacement and all cars are available with unlimited mileage. It is also possible to use our Airport pick-up and drop off services. If you make use of this service, we will pick you up at the airport and drop you back off. Our office and car park is located just 1 minute away. Our employees are more than happy to help in case you have any questions. Tripadvisor advises us as a great car rental company. See you on Curaçao! 

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