Dolphin Therapy Holiday in Curaçao

The Caribbean island Curacao is known for its sunbathed white beaches, but also for the Curacao Dolphin Therapy & Research Centre (CDTC). In this centre the patients are treated through dolphin supported therapy. In almost all cases this intensive dolphin therapy is combined with a vacation for the whole family. The island features several beautiful accommodations. These vacation homes are adapted to the needs of people with a disability, but also offer the other family members the comfort that is needed during a dolphin therapy vacation in Curacao.

Why choose a dolphin therapy vacation on the Caribbean island?

Dolphin supported therapy contributes to the development of people with a disability or autism. People with posttraumatic or stress disorder, down syndrome, depressions or burnouts choose a dolphin therapy more and more as well. This therapy with dolphins contributes to an improvement in mobility and in cognitive capacity. Dolphin therapy in Curacao is often combined with a vacation due to the intensity of the treatments. Luckily the island has enough accommodations in the vicinity of the dolphin therapy centre in Curacao. Some vacation homes are even located at a walking distance of the CDTC.

Participating in activities organised by the dolphin therapy centre

The dolphin therapy centre in Curacao also offers several activities and possibilities for an unforgettable vacation. Family members can participate in several educational workshops that fully focuses on dolphin supported therapy and relational skills to ensure progress can be kept at home as well. Brothers and sisters can also participate in a special program.

During this program they are closely involved in the dolphin therapy and can even stand next to the trainer during the sessions. During a therapy vacation in Curacao the rest of the family even has the possibility of participating in the Dolphin Experience. This swim session with dolphins lets parents experience for themselves how it feels to be so close to the animals. Through these possibilities, dolphin therapy in Curacao can be combined with an unforgettable vacation.

Fun things to do during dolphin supported therapy in Curacao

The therapies of the CDTC in Curacao take place from Monday to Friday and have a duration of approximately 2 hours per session. This leaves enough time to be able to enjoy a nice vacation, by undertaking fun activities or exploring the Caribbean island for example. Renting a car in Curacao is of course one of the possibilities as well.

In this way people with limited mobility can also optimally enjoy the island. These relaxation possibilities form an excellent addition to the dolphin therapy. Not only for the patient himself, but also for the other family members. These vacations offer a pleasant escape from the tasks of daily life. All whilst high quality medical care in the form of dolphin therapy is guaranteed.

Combining therapy with dolphins in Curacao with vacation

Next to the dolphin supported therapy, the island Curacao offers a lot for the other family members as well. The therapy centre is close to the Seaquarium for example. There, other family members can also meet these intelligent animals. They can be admired in their natural habitat, but it also offers the possibility of swimming with the dolphins. The centre for dolphin therapy is located in one of the most beautiful places on the island. Next to pearly white beaches, rest and space, the Caribbean island offers more possibilities that can relax the entire family after an intensive therapy session.

The accommodations that are most suited for a dolphin therapy vacation in Curacao meet the highest conditions. Of course these vacation homes are adapted to people with an ability, which makes them very easily accessible and wheelchair friendly. Luxury and comfort are also important for the other family members during a vacation with dolphin therapy in Curacao. In this way the effective therapy can be combined with a pleasant stay for the entire family.